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The Shamans

Luis Culquiton

Don Lucho

Don Lucho (Luis Culquiton) is a member of the Cocama tribe from the village of Manacamiri located in Peru near the well known city of Iquitos. It was very early in his life when Don Lucho heard the call of Mother Nature and at only 12 years old he began to diet and learn about the plants and spirits of the Amazon jungle. Instead of relying on second-hand knowledge, Don Lucho followed the path of his ancestors, connecting with mother earth and the spirits that inhabit the vegetation around him. Day by day nature itself taught him the secrets of the plants and he learned to use the potential that nature offers to heal any mental or physical pain that human beings may suffer.

Don Lucho and the care of the environment

Don Lucho has dedicated his life to working against the destruction of Mother Nature and has created a permaculture project in the Amazon that is attracting the attention of many environmentalists around the world. He has spoken to biologists and agricultural experts at the University of Paris and has impressed and inspired the experts with his knowledge.

Peru Brand Ambassador

As Brand Ambassador for Marca Peru (country brand) Don Lucho represented Peruvian shamans on a trip throughout Europe. He was chosen by the committee for his integrity as a shaman, his reputation within the country and, of course, for his incredible knowledge of plant medicine.

Don Lucho – Hidden Treasure (Netflix)

In 2017, Don Lucho was chosen to represent Peruvian shamanism for a Netflix documentary about the many wonders of Peru.

It’s a Spanish documentary (original title is Peru : Tesoro Escondido) and if you find it on Netflix you can watch with subtitles. The Amazon section starts in the 52nd minute.

Wagner Culquiton

(Son of Luis Culquiton)

Wagner Culquiton is the eldest son of Don Lucho. From a very young age Wagner followed in his father’s footsteps and has dedicated his life to the same ideals: Spiritual Healing and the Preservation of Mother Nature.

Wagner has been performing ceremonies since 2000 in Peru, and has also performed ceremonies abroad since 2009.

During the ayahuasca ceremonies he assists his father with the accompaniment of musical instruments such as the guitar, flute and shamanic drum.

Wagner has also been working with psychologists and psychiatrists for alcoholic and drug addicted patients in Buenos Aires, Argentina.